We as supervisors and members of management are not clearly communicating to our employees our expectations and the direction we want them to go. One reason is we are too concerned with our own jobs. Supervisors would get more accomplished if they spent more time communicating with their employees and less time trying to please their bosses. In … [Read more...]

Qualities of a Successful Supervisor

Introduction There are many skills that effective, successful supervisors have to have. They must get employees to accept responsibility, be a team member, and get. everyone to get results from their job. Communication skills are also imperative, both to employees and to/from the supervisor's manager. They have to have good time management … [Read more...]

Performance Appraisals

Most supervisors dislike giving an employee a performance appraisal because it is like someone criticizing a son or a daughter. They are apprehensive about offering criticism because they believe it may discourage an employee and create a problem. Actually, if they don't give an honest, constructive appraisal they may appear to be hypocrites … [Read more...]

Limiting Manpower Costs

Even if you're not an owner or president of a company, as a supervisor, you should have an interest in improving the profitability of your company. After all, the more successful your company is, the more opportunity you have! There are two major categories of manpower expense: the number of people and the rates of pay. As the following chart … [Read more...]

The Best Definition of Management

Introduction While there are different types of managers, levels, and styles of management, they are all responsible for managing groups of people.They must utilize people efficiently and effectively, including the process of planning, financials, organizing staffing, and managing human resources to achieve their desired goals. The best … [Read more...]