Interviewing Candidates


The job interview process is important because, while there is no perfect candidate, you want to hire great people so they will become great team members.
Every company is different, tech companies etc., You as the owner of the company or the hiring manager need to find out with the interview questions if the skill set of the applicant matches the job description requirements and then company culture.
The hiring process will help you select the right person and avoid hiring the wrong person.

Interviewing candidates is a difficult process for most supervisors. Usually they don’t do a lot of interviewing and are not comfortable in the interview. Interviewing is a real challenge for several reasons. First, you are responsible for how the interview is conducted. You must take the lead in the conversation, but allow the true personality of the candidate to come out. Second there are four levels of communication going on at the same time. You obviously are there to obtain information and an impression about the candidate. But you should also be giving out information and creating a positive image of the company, the position ad yourself. The candidate should be doing the same things. They will certainly try to make a favorable impression so they can get an offer of employment, but they should be seeking information so they can decide whether they should accept an offer of employment.

Your primary objection is to match the requirements you’ve established with the capabilities of the candidate. In effect you are trying to look ahead and envision a candidate in the position. These aspects, the position and the envisioned performance, are both subjective and conceptual. So the better prepared you are the more successful you will be in interviewing.

Excerpts from Company Success Toolbox