Achieving Sales Objectives

The first step is to determine your customers’ needs.  Either conduct Market Research by retaining a company to provide a report on customer needs or conduct your own Customer Requirements Survey. The next step is to change the way you do business to fit the customers’ needs you identified.  It could be your products, services, or customer … [Read more...]

Supervisor Delegating – Delegating Employees

We all talk about it and we know that we should do more of it, but most of us don't delegate very much. The main reason is quite simple. We're insecure. I have never met anyone, unless he has an employment contract, who is not insecure about something. It is either his or her supervisor, the financial condition of the company, competition from … [Read more...]

Human Resource Laws – Tips on Human Resource Laws

This information is provided to increase the awareness of clients in the private sector of their legal responsibilities and liabilities. It is a compendium of most of the Federal laws, and should not be viewed as complete or definitive and should not be considered legal advice. Where possible, actual government laws and regulations are quoted. An … [Read more...]