Management by Objectives

Introduction The Management by Objectives process system improves employee performance and will lead to accomplishing more company goals.It is a performance management method which establishes management and employee goals to ensure they are on the same page.It utilizes human resource methods including performance appraisals, project reports, … [Read more...]

Terminating Employees

One of the most difficult jobs that a manager must undertake is to fire an employee. Firing is hard enough with a new employee. But, firing someone who has been with you for a long time is very difficult. How you conduct the termination meeting will make the difference between bad emotional feelings and effective management. You should first do … [Read more...]

Theory X and Theory Y

"Theory X" and "Theory Y" styles of  management popularized by Douglas McGregor. Theory X, which was the method used up to 40 years ago, assumed that employees have to be pushed into performance.  Management   did   the thinking and the employees did the work. Control was important as well as compliance with rules and orders. Theory Y is … [Read more...]

Guidelines in Preparing for a Performance Appraisal:

Do it in writing. The employee will understand it better and it will provide a record. Have the employee sign it, acknowledging that there has been a discussion. Use the job description as a base line against which to measure performance. Be aware of the Halo Effect of giving an employee a high rating because of an isolated incidence of good … [Read more...]


We as supervisors and members of management are not clearly communicating to our employees our expectations and the direction we want them to go. One reason is we are too concerned with our own jobs. Supervisors would get more accomplished if they spent more time communicating with their employees and less time trying to please their bosses. In … [Read more...]

Qualities of a Successful Supervisor

Introduction There are many skills that effective, successful supervisors have to have. They must get employees to accept responsibility, be a team member, and get. everyone to get results from their job. Communication skills are also imperative, both to employees and to/from the supervisor's manager. They have to have good time management … [Read more...]

The Best Definition of Management

Introduction While there are different types of managers, levels, and styles of management, they are all responsible for managing groups of people.They must utilize people efficiently and effectively, including the process of planning, financials, organizing staffing, and managing human resources to achieve their desired goals. The best … [Read more...]

Supervisor Delegating – Delegating Employees

We all talk about it and we know that we should do more of it, but most of us don't delegate very much. The main reason is quite simple. We're insecure. I have never met anyone, unless he has an employment contract, who is not insecure about something. It is either his or her supervisor, the financial condition of the company, competition from … [Read more...]

Interview Process – Interviewing and Hiring Candidates

Interviewing and Hiring people is a vary difficult task. When you are interviewing and looking at a persons resume it is hard to tell what their skill and capabilities are. I would suggest writing up a job description and have them rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10 telling you what they can do. This will help keep them honest with what they can … [Read more...]

Workers Need to Know What’s Expected?

Because of massive layoffs and downsizing, high unemployment, mergers and acquisitions, the traditional high job security in companies has largely disappeared. As a result, people are insecure and are therefore more than willing to do a good job so they can continue to be employed. Employees everywhere have realized that the better they perform … [Read more...]