Improve Sales – How to Improve Sales?

Introduction Improving sales performance can be done in a number of ways. Identifying existing customer needs and requirements by conducting a survey of your customers. Identifying new potential customers with a prospect studyAn assessment of sales skills and sales time study will increase efficiency and will increase sales By doing … [Read more...]

Project Form

Provide a method to identify, track, and report objectives and projects and the progress in accomplishing them. Used in conjunction with the Exempt Performance Appraisal form it also establishes a means to assess an Exempt employee's annual performance, and assist them (monthly) to accomplish high levels of performance. Monthly meeting of … [Read more...]

Bell Curve Theory

Don't avoid your responsibility by giving everyone essentially the same or average review. People perform on the Bell Curve:  10 percent outstanding, 80 percent average, 10 percent poor. So, have the courage to distinguish the various types of performers and rate accordingly. Be specific by using examples and accurate information. Don't say, … [Read more...]

Prospect Reports

The Prospect Report should be completed weekly by the Salesperson and discussed with their manager, either bi-weekly if a large improvement in sales is needed, or monthly if sales are on target. Prospect/Contact/Source Section: List any prospect, who the primary contact is, and the source for the prospect. An analysis of sources is … [Read more...]

Limiting Manpower Costs

Even if you're not an owner or president of a company, as a supervisor, you should have an interest in improving the profitability of your company. After all, the more successful your company is, the more opportunity you have! There are two major categories of manpower expense: the number of people and the rates of pay. As the following chart … [Read more...]

Achieving Sales Objectives

The first step is to determine your customers’ needs.  Either conduct Market Research by retaining a company to provide a report on customer needs or conduct your own Customer Requirements Survey. The next step is to change the way you do business to fit the customers’ needs you identified.  It could be your products, services, or customer … [Read more...]

Sales Time Study

This is a study that can be used to improve sales by identifying how a Salesperson spends their time. Then making changes so there is an increase in the time spent in Sales and a decrease in Sales Administration and Other Non-Sales activities. A description of each activity is on the Sales Time Study form: The Salesperson should complete the … [Read more...]

Measure Awareness

Introduction In order to establish a marketing campaign, it is useful to research the current awareness of your brand.Some of the topics to research include; Measuring brand awareness, measuring social media, website traffic, google analytics, and search volume. The overall objective of this research is to measure awareness, attitudes, … [Read more...]

How to Accomplish Outstanding Customer Service

How do you accomplish outstanding customer service? People often forget that their attitude is projected quite clearly on the telephone, so it is important to have a positive attitude, even when you are embroiled in a very difficult problem. The image of your company is established by the switchboard operator, your secretary, or someone in … [Read more...]

Establishing Objectives

Establishing objectives is definitely a top down exercise. Top management has to establish the overall ovjectives first. If you are the owner of a company or president of an organization, what is your market? What are your products and services now and what will they be in the future? Once this is established, in writing, you need to establish … [Read more...]