Interview Candidates – How to Hire the Best People

When you are interviewing candidates to fill a position, remember one thing: they are putting their best foot forward, so this is the best that they are going to look or act. It  doesn't get any better than this. It's a difficult task to find the right person to work for you and anyone you select will be a compromise, since we all have our … [Read more...]

Poor Performer

With a poor performer, be sure to give a review by mentioning the positive aspects of his performance. If you concentrate only on the problems, then the employee will feel that you are unfair and don't understand. They will not be willing to make the changes to correct the problem. Also be sure to get a commitment from to try to improve and offer … [Read more...]

The Six C’s for Success

1. Customers 2. Competitiveness 3. Communication 4. Cooperation 5. Competence 6. Consistency         … [Read more...]

Performance Appraisals

Most supervisors dislike giving an employee a performance appraisal because it is like someone criticizing a son or a daughter. They are apprehensive about offering criticism because they believe it may discourage an employee and create a problem. Actually, if they don't give an honest, constructive appraisal they may appear to be hypocrites … [Read more...]

How to Improve a Poor Performer

There are only two reasons why employees don't do a good job. They either can't do the job, or they won't do it. If they can't do the job satisfactorily then the solution  should  be  quite obvious—they should be transferred to another  position or eventually  they may have to leave the company. As harsh as this may sound, most people will find a … [Read more...]

Giving Workers a Greater Voice

Introduction You can definitely improve the bottom line when you listen to your employees and their voices, particularly when they are talking about their jobs and your business. It will help you and your company in the following two ways: You will definitely get some good ideas about how to improve your company You will have more motivated … [Read more...]

Tips for Customer Service

Some specific tips for customer service: • Use the customer's name. • Frequently use “thank you” and "please." • Always get an answer for the customer. • Stand up when the customer approaches your desk. • Show an interest in the customer—use the word "you" more frequently than "I." • Answer the telephone within two rings. • Ask the customer … [Read more...]

Improving Performance with Appraisals

Introduction The performance appraisal process is an effective way to enable and encourage employees to improve their performance. By establishing written performance standards, goals, and providing continuous feedback, you will get improved performance from employees Most employees believe their bosses do a poor job of appraisals. A … [Read more...]

Human Resource Laws – Tips on Human Resource Laws

This information is provided to increase the awareness of clients in the private sector of their legal responsibilities and liabilities. It is a compendium of most of the Federal laws, and should not be viewed as complete or definitive and should not be considered legal advice. Where possible, actual government laws and regulations are quoted. An … [Read more...]

Qualities of Successful Supervisor

What are the qualities of a successful supervisor? Successful supervisor's: know where they want to go, know how to get there, are able to convince people to follow them, think in terms of getting things done; not doing them, maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of their employees and lead by seting a good examlpe are able to say … [Read more...]